Stories of My Childhood: Go Dog Go

What is the book about?

Good question…what is the book about? To put it simply, it’s about colorful dogs having fun. There are tall dogs, small dogs, yellow dogs, one dog, two dogs, red dogs, blue dogs…so many dogs! They boat together, they travel together, and they even sleep together. But the following day, more adventure awaits. Where on earth are the dogs going? An entertaining side plot also shows one female dog attempting to impress a male cohort with her choice of hats, and struggling to succeed. But with a little luck, maybe she’ll find the perfect party hat.

How did I discover it?

This was one of those “I Can Read All By Myself” books with the Cat in the Hat logo near the top. I believe that many of them were mailed to our house, and that’s presumably how Go Dog Go got there as well.

What do I love about the book?

The illustrations are just as fun as the story, what little there is. But does that really matter? Not in the slightest. The colors are really saturated and well done, and the ending pages explode in color in action. It makes one want to join the cast of characters, at least, it did.

Digging deeper into the fandom

This just doesn’t have a fandom, but I did find a fascinating article a couple of years ago. In a letter to the female dog who tries on the hats, the author encourages her to be herself and not worry about what the other dogs think. This message is still true for adults today! I posted the article on Facebook a few years ago and a couple of people spread it around. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who enjoyed this book.

Favorite memory involving the books

There is an end scene where all the dogs climb a tree and have a great big party, standing on what is apparently a very sturdy layer of leaves. Colorful dogs are everywhere..napping, partying, whatever. One afternoon my mom and I sat on the living room floor and acted out the positions of the dogs. There was one dog being shot out of a cannon that was tricky to pose as, but we managed. Dogs that were lying on the ground were easier obviously, though another tricky one to imitate was a dog swinging.

How did the books inspire me?

There isn’t a lot of storyline here except to wonder where the dogs are going in the second half of the book. I guess, in a way, this book introduced me to the concept of “escapist” books, or books that simply plunge you into a world to escape to without a ton of storyline. I have tossed all my “escapist” storyline ideas for now, but I’m sure I will write one someday.

My thoughts on the books now

I think that Go Dog Go is a classic and highly recommend it to anyone with kids. It’a a colorful and fun classic for any dog lover, and it ages pretty well too.

Have you ever read Go Dog Go? What did you think?

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