My Favorite (and least favorite) Thrillers This Year

Happy almost Halloween! This means that it’s time to take stock of my spooky books over the last year.

I love the thriller genre. Some of you may be getting sick of seeing so many on the blog. But part of me is also picky. If the ending is weak, if a character is boring, if it centers around yet ANOTHER boring affair or someone else’s missing father, I will be at least slightly let down. I mean, sometimes they do get formulaic.

To me, the best thrillers are the ones I can’t stop thinking about. But what are they, and which ones could I live without?

Best Thrillers

The Woman in the Window

This was a great choice, not just because of the storyline, but because of the atmosphere. I really enjoyed the experience of reading it and “listening to” the author’s voice. It feels like a classic thriller movie and the MC liked classic movies as well, which was an interesting aspect.

Behind Closed Doors

I almost didn’t pick this one up, feeling it would just be a normal domestic abuse story. I was so wrong. OMG THIS WAS FREAKING INTENSE, PEOPLE. With preparation, this could absolutely happen in real life. I don’t understand the lukewarm Goodreads reviews. This is a strong candidate for not just Best Suspense, but for Overall Best Book in my December 2019 book awards. I just lent it out to a coworker and she feels the same way I do! Cannot recommend enough. Sometimes, simple plots are better.

One Perfect Lie

This was a different and exciting one! I like to think of it as taking place in thirds, at which points the story moves in a different direction. It’s hard to take all of these moving parts, and Lisa Scottoline does it pretty well. One problem though: it didn’t need the forced romance.

I am also currently reading Lock Every Door, which obviously I haven’t reviewed yet. However, it is looking good so far…

Perfectly Fine Thrillers:

Before She Knew Him

Okay, this was decent. I did figure out the ending, though, and I didn’t remember much else about it. A good story, but not an especially memorable one.

Best Day Ever

This was another book I enjoyed for the voice. Paul, our narrator, is authentic and creepy. It’s a slow burn but I went in prepared, and I liked the story more for it.

I Know Who You Are

An actress’ husband disappears, leading to a great mystery and even better backstory. Hmm, the backstory was more interesting…is that good or bad? The ending, which although Hitchcockian and creepy, left a LOT of questions.


I hadn’t heard of this one before it was on a “recommended” shelf at a local bookstore. Huh. Cheating, cheating, and more cheating. We’ve seen this before…plenty. There were chilling moments for sure, but I also felt that characters acted rashly out of nowhere to keep the book moving. The title is also misleading.

Watching You

I didn’t always find the plot thrilling, but ultimately I connected to the characters. Also, I solved it, and that was super exciting. Not as much of the watching and stalking aspects as I hoped for, but it was still an interesting and well-written book.

With You Always

This was a unique twist…a Christian thriller! But the guy in question is so seemingly perfect that the first third of the book is boring, and again, there are a ton of unanswered questions here. It needed an epilogue.

Someone We Know

This one started out boring me. It was a murder mystery and not much else with regards to substance. However, as things picked up, I connected more and more with the characters and ultimately solved this one as well. It has the honor of being the first mystery I solved before the book ended. I bumped this one up from 3.5 stars to 4 stars just because it got better as it went on and I cared about these characters.

The Affair; Sheryl Browne

A lot better than I thought it would be, honestly. It came with The Babysitter, another novel by the author, so I had to read it. It was a surprising twist on a kidnapping, essentially.

The Babysitter

Like the book above, this is another tale of family hardship and getting the kids involved. I despised this villain, and I worried if she was going to get away with everything. The characters, too, are great, and I would love to see more about these detectives.

Disappointing Thrillers

The House Swap

A couple moves into another person’s house and gets the sense that someone is watching them. Fascinating concept perfect for me even if overdone…but it was very poorly executed. This book was so boring I couldn’t even finish it. It was very repetitive with the same actions taken over and over between the couple. The “twists” were insanely predictable except for the ridiculous one at the end. I also didn’t like the preachy “alcoholism is bad” aspect to it. If you’re going to address issues, do it naturally. And I just can’t get down with protagonists who cheat. Ever. It was a clear first time effort though; maybe we’ll see better in the future.

The Night Before

It was okay, and it had a solid ending unlike so many I’ve read recently. I just didn’t like the main character who constantly reminded us how messed up she was. Overall it felt disorganized and tried to take on too many twists that didn’t relate to the central story. Not terrible, but still somewhat of a letdown.


Me, Goodreads, and everyone on Goodreads’s brother agrees that this is NOT a psychological thriller. This was such a marketing misfire that I’m not sure it’s 100% the author’s fault. Truthfully, though, it was still pretty boring. There’s a main character, everyone hates her because she can’t have children (so messed up), and so she takes out her sadness on having affairs with her students and though watching an actress–not even doing anything, just making observations. If you want 180 pages about watching a character complain and do basically nothing else, this is it right here.

Did you read any of these? Which choices do you agree/disagree with?

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