Eleven Fun Garfield Facts

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There shalt be no comments complaining, “but it’s only a comic, you’re looking into it too much!!!” This is just for fun.

Jon wasn’t always the dweeb we know him to be.

His clothing hasn’t changed much, but in the early days, he was your normal bachelor. He smoked a pipe and it was hinted that he liked print pornography. Perhaps this normality was because he lived with a roommate who influenced him. Lyman stopped appearing in the strip sometime in the 80s. Soon after that, Jon dumbed down considerably once the strip needed to find other sources of humor. See my post on Jon’s possible history here.

Garfield used to see a male vet.

He didn’t make a ton of appearances, but based on some comics, we can see that Garfield saw a different person. Dr. Liz didn’t appear until later. She rejects Jon in her first storyline.

Jon finally found love in 2006.

He got together with Liz Wilson and they’ve been together ever since. There are still no signs of a marriage. Maybe Liz still has lingering doubts? (The storyline, in June 2006, shows Jon going on a date with longtime interest Ellen and swapping dates with Liz while there.)

At the time of this writing, Jon is almost 70.

He was twenty-nine sometime in the late 70s. That would make him about 69 today. He’s looking good!

Despite Garfield aging along with the comics, he is still a full-sized fat cat in his first appearance.

We never see him grow up with his parents in the pasta restaurant where he was born. His birthday is considered to be the day he was born. So did he just appear from thin air? Then again, Jon doesn’t seem to age either. Maybe they live in an alternate universe.

Jon going golfing, tropical vacations, and Halloween storylines were popular ideas all but nonexistent now.

Newer popular storylines involve Garfield challenging the dog next door, Garfield befriending mice, and Garfield at Christmas. There was a great existential storyline in the 80s involving Garfield waking up in his abandoned house. Unfortunately, weeklong tales of how Garfield squishes spiders are still common. Irma also barely shows up anymore, if at all.

Jon’s dated a plethora of interesting women despite being unlucky in love.

Garfield Comic Strip for May 27, 1979
Bye, Felicia.

Among them: Big Bertha, a woman named Euphemia, a woman raised by wolves, and more. Jon also dated some normal women near the beginning and even kicked one out of the house when it was revealed she didn’t like cats. He’s had better dating luck than I have.

Garfield has a non-canon Thanksgiving special.

Image result for garfield thanksgiving

In it, Jon must prepare a Thanksgiving dinner in less than a day when Liz actually accepts his invitation to dinner. Garfield, meanwhile, struggles with being on a diet. It takes inspiration and dialogue from the comics but creates an original story. He also has Halloween and Christmas specials.

Jon is not unemployed.

He is a cartoonist. In early days, we can see him working at a board.

There is a comic where Liz congratulates Jon, implying that he just drunk a mug of dog semen. When people took the joke too seriously, Jim Davis came forward and said that wasn’t the case.

In reality, the mug probably contained pet medication or coffee for Liz. However, it remains infamous and a popular meme among the fanbase.

Nermal belongs to Jon’s parents.

Image result for nermal
Garfield Wikia

So if his parents haven’t been off the farm since ’53, how does Nermal get to Jon’s place? And why don’t we see Nermal at the farm? So many questions.

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