Thanksgiving Dinner Book Tag

Coming out of temporary hiatus to do a fun-looking book tag! (I have since put out a review of JP Delaney’s “The Girl Before” on my Instagram, come check it out!)

Thanksgiving is upon us here in the USA, so Mayah at Library in My Mind created a fun new tag. The goal is to assign a book to each Thanksgiving food based on its characteristics.

Roast Turkey

A boss among books, because of it’s strong willed and well rounded characters: Things You Save in a Fire

The MC has a personality all her own, and so do the other firefighters and even her mother who insists that they bond together.

Mashed Potatoes

that book that makes you all mushy inside just to think about it: Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe!

This one got me into fluffy chick-lit stories and reminded me how much fun they could be. A bakery, a legitimately cute love interest, a doting grandpa…what more could you want? It semi-inspired my novella Twelve Days till Dating.

Green Beans

is the book that you personally love, but isn’t for everyone: The Hypnotist’s Love Story.

There are a lot of skeptics about hypnosis out there, but whether you think it could work or not, I love this story. The suspense of a stalker is an interesting angle for a book to take, especially when it’s a women who you can kind of sympathize with. This is an interesting book for me because I think it loses something in the last 3rd with a silly subplot about the protagonist finding her father, but otherwise, I really like this one.


a book you will never get tired of rereading: A Dog’s Purpose.

Insightful and incredibly well-researched, I love watching the dog grow up with several families and owners, especially Ethan’s. By far Cameron’s best work. People say the sequel is better but I strongly disagree and actually think it’s his weakest work.

The book I actually do reread more often? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Cranberry Sauce

the book that just drips sweet romance, but has a bitter ending: With You Always.

Bryce seems perfect…so perfect that the first part of the book is pretty slow and bland. However, you can’t say you wouldn’t want to be Julia…until his controlling side comes through, not just for him, but with his church family.


a book that seamlessly merges romance and adventure: The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris.

um. Hmm. This was a tough one. I don’t read a lot of adventure books, or a lot of straight-up romances! (Even less adventure.) However, I’d say moving to Paris qualifies as an adventure, especially when you’re scheming to get your terminally ill French teacher aboard a ship so she can see her first love one more time.

Pumpkin Pie

a special book you look forward to once a year: Garfield?

Image result for garfield christmas

Uh. I don’t really have any of these. Christmas Garfield strips count, right? And the special is based off some lines from the strips, soo….yeah. Garfield it is. Whether you think it’s still a good comic or not, Garfield Christmases are always something special, and I do look forward to a new storyline every year.

Be sure to tell me what’s on your Thanksgiving table, and check out the original post listed above!


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