About Me and the Blog

I am a recreational book blogger. I started posting back in 2018 on my Google blog and moved here in early 2019. If you would like to see my old posts from January 2019 and earlier, please visit the Blogger Fictionistas United. (Sorry, I will not be moving all the old posts over here.)

You can also visit my party planning website and my creative writing website. I post both short pieces and professional-style novellas I write. Support your fellow writers and come visit! I will try to be entertaining.

About My Posts

I tend to review books that are targeted toward women because that’s a lot of what I happen to read. This isn’t to say that everything here will be chick lit or women’s fiction. Nor does it mean that men are banned from the blog. Books are open to everyone who wishes to read them!

I usually start my reviews with a summary, and I typically write my own. Then I proceed with my review, followed by a final rating.

I strive to review books as I read them. So, it’s not like I will be turning our reviews every day. Thus I’ll make up for that by writing other posts which I’ll touch on in a second. I also plan on reviewing books I have read in the past.

Finally, to stay as authentic as possible, once I buy a book I stay away from its Goodreads page and other review sites until my review is published so my opinions aren’t influenced and are my own. You can check out my Goodreads profile here to see everything I read during a certain year and see what I thought of books I read before this blog started.


My scale goes up to five stars, five stars meaning “close to perfect” since there is no such thing as perfect writing- there’s always something I can find to dislike, especially from a blogging perspective. That’s why you may find some five-star reviews with minor complaints.


I place my entries into several categories: articles, reviews, challenges, Writing Wednesday, and specials (the occasional unique post that isn’t an article, challenge, or review–namely my Halloween posts, annual book awards, possibly a contest, etc.). The former two will be the most common posts.T o find the post you want, use the menu on the right to browse. You may also use the “review archive” and “article archive” links in the top toolbar to find what you’re looking for more quickly.


Sometimes a “special” post will take the form of a book list, or a list of recommended books with summaries that fit a particular theme. If they’re not there for review purposes, they must meet the following criteria:

*They must have at least a 3-star rating
*I must have read the book in entirety


I rate on a scale of up to 5 stars. Of course, 1 and 5-star ratings can be tough to come by, and no book is perfect. These are the criteria that earn a book its score:

1 star=Awful, among the worst. Little to no redeeming qualities. DNF books usually get this rating by default, unless there’s another reason why I couldn’t finish other than dislike. (Which rarely happens, but does.)
2 stars= Flawed; didn’t really enjoy the book. 
3 stars=Neutral. Not a bad book, even enjoyable, but not quite enough for me to LOVE it. either. Or, a fine book but just not 100% my cup of tea. 
4 stars= Good book, great even, at least definitely enjoyable with some minor flaws.
5 stars= Amazing. Can’t stop thinking about it. A favorite and a must-read.


It used to be that you could use tags to look for more specific posts, but that got complicated. I’m doing away with these. To find the review or post you want, use the archive links on top of the blog.

You can also browse by blog types on the right hand side.

What the heck is a Hogwarts House Recommendation?

You’ll see these in the beginning of each review. I will assign each book a Hogwarts House after reading it and recommend it for that particular House. If you’re unsure about your house, take an online quiz to find out. This is just for fun; I’m not going to stop you from reading a book because I recommend it for Slytherins and you’re a Ravenclaw. A brief rundown though:

Gryffindor: Brave and chivalrous, leadership, bold, new things
Hufflepuff: Fairness, loyalty, likes fair play, kindness, friendship
Ravenclaw: Wit and learning (loving), clever, smart, intelligence, smarts
Slytherin: Cunning, ambitious, competitive, sassy, accomplishments, tradition (note for you purists/newbies: Slytherin and evil are not synonyms; although many crime dramas are associated with the House you do not in any way have to be evil or a bad person to be in Slytherin!)

I hear the term “escapist book” thrown around here a lot. What is that?

An escapist book, according to me, is a book that is less problem-centered. Rather, it’s a light story that tries to immerse the reader into a different life peppered with little issues along the way. Zeta or Omega by Kate Harmon is one example. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (and especially the sequels) by Judy Blume is another, and so is Peter Pan. Jane Eyre is arguably an adult example. I enjoy these lighthearted types of books when they’re done right.

Annual Book Awards

Every year I give certain awards to the books I read that year. In order to be eligible, the following criteria must be met:

The book must be a novel or novella (or nonfiction). It may also be a short story compilation as long as the stories are by the same author. Movies and shows discussed are not eligible for awards.
I must have read it for the first time that year. Books I have read before will not be eligible; I will write a disclaimer at the beginning of those reviews. DNF books, however, are eligible…usually for Overall Worst Book.
I must have finished the book in the current year (around the last few days in December). Books unfinished before I publish the awards may qualify for the next year’s awards as long as they are finished in that year.
The book does not have had to be published in the year of the awards. Far from it.

These come at the end of December, so keep an eye out.

Procuring Books

I am not one of those famous bloggers who gets free books to review. I get them myself. Nor will you ever see me doing sponsored posts. The blogging industry has been turning me off with excessive commercialism and pages upon pages of sponsored posts; I’m only here to talk about books! Everything here is 100% authentic. 

Follow Policy

I will not follow for follow….unless your blog genuinely interests me. Please don’t ask me to. I will if I would like. That said, please do not follow me if you’re going to get rid of me when I don’t follow you back.


I don’t normally do requests. I review the books I choose to read, but if you have an idea you can always feel free to comment. (Heads up: my favorite ones are chick lit, realistic fiction, and psychological thrillers without the police procedural or murder-centered aspect). If I am also interested in the book, I’ll probably get around to it.