Blogs I Love

Below are the blogs I follow and love here on WordPress. Stop by and give them some love! If your blog is here and you’d rather it not be, simply email (or just use the comment section) with the name of your blog and I will remove it.

Book Related

Author Abigail Harris: Formerly Kaylee’s Kind of Writes, she posts about a lot of Christian books (or books lining up with those values). It seems like her blog is getting a makeover. I do seem to be having a harder time finding the actual blog posts, but I’m sure that’s because it’s under construction as of June 21 and the layout will get better. When she’s done, give it a look. Lots of inspirational Christian goodies here.

Book Adept: Lots of interesting book lists here and reviews as well! She works in the library field so she knows what she’s talking about. I also enjoy her conversational writing style.

Book Bosomed Blonde: Besides traditional reviews, Larissa has cool features like Down the TBR Hole or Favorite Books for the season. If you like reading about many books at once or just prefer lists, this one is for you.

The Bookish Actress: . If you are more curious about how a novel’s societal issues are explored and handled or are just looking to see things through a feminist/equality lens, her site is for you. Actually, mostly she writes her reviews on Goodreads but writes blog posts and essays and some life stuff here. I do like what she has to say on Shakespeare. I do pick on SJW bloggers, I know, but she does have good stuff to say here so take a look.

Carrie’s Book Reviews: Carrie has no shortage of posts, and reviews a lot of psychological thrillers (yay!) I’ve found several I want to read here. She also includes excerpts. If those are your thing, check this one out. (Fair warning; subscribers may want to create a separate folder for the emails they will be receiving…Carrie has LOTS to say.)

A Gingerly Review: I like her book summaries. This is a good stop if you want a quick little book description. She has some booklists, too, especially Top Ten Tuesdays, but they mostly consist of cover photos. Hmm, maybe she will expand on these later?

Jennifer Novotney: She one hasn’t been updating as much as some other blogs, but the content is very good. She also writes some vignettes and poetry, so be sure to support a fellow blog author.

Pages Unbound: Fun fact, I had a book blog in college but eventually gave up on it. This blog inspired me to get back into the game. Although the bloggers specialize in YA fantasy they’ll review pretty much anything. They do lots of reviews, but they also have discussion posts on libraries, book topics, reading itself, and even comic books more recently. They used to have some other columns that have since been retired but are there for you to browse through. Also be sure to keep an eye out for their Tolkien Reading Event each spring.

Sunshine and Books: I love her booklists, but she also lets you into her personal life with some traditional blog posts, too. I can’t wait to see what she shares about her summer (as of June 2019).

Tucker the Reader: If his headlines don’t grab you, the detailed reviews probably will. One of the few male bloggers I follow for some reason.

Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading: Three sisters each read a book and give their thoughts on it. While they seem to share many opinions, it’s still an interesting new way to review books.

Non-Book Related

Cinema Spotlight: If you wish I did more Movie Monday posts, let this blog tide you over. I enjoy the in-depth movie reviews here. From high action films to Disney movies, there is something for everyone. There are list posts, too.

Gail Carson Levine This isn’t a WordPress blog, but I’ve followed it since I began college. Every two weeks, she posts some writing advice on a certain topic whether it’s unreliable narrators or getting out of hard situations. All topics on the blog are generated by discussions in the comments. Posts start with the original question followed by Levine’s take (and sometimes samples of the discussion that took place on it). She ends each entry with writing prompts. Whether you read her YA fantasy novels or not, it’s a great place for aspiring and accomplished authors (both types are frequent commenters here.)

The Play’s The Thing: This Manchesterite is here to tell us all about theatre goings-on in her neck of the woods. Even though I’m from the States, I enjoy Nicola’s take on productions I may not have heard of as well as on theatre in general. The articles are well written, too. It’s not much yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing what it becomes.

A Random Baseball Fan: This blog appeals to the Red Sox fan in me. Check it out for some baseball talk. This one’s a newer find of mine.