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for book things, writerly things, and my cats.

I do have some writings here, usually for Calvin and Hobbes or The Office. However, if this site and profile continue to glitch, I’m not sure how much more I’ll be posting…not that I do much these days anyway.

I don’t post a lot on here anymore but it’s a good way to keep track of things I’ve read.

Morgan’s Musings
I post my short writing projects (poetry, short stories, links to my novellas) here.

The Party Patch
Not many know that I also run a party planning account with printables games and other fun. They can all be found here. I have a blog to go with it that lists all the ideas and houses the printables; you can find the link on the homepage. Specialities of mine include theme parties, printable parlor games, and Elf on the Shelf material.


I an happy to contribute a guest post. It just needs to be on a book I’ve actually read, or on a topic I’m familiar with. Email me at and ask!

Sorry, I don’t do sponsored posts.